With New York Fashion Week half way over, I have been very surprised (in a good way) with what I’ve seen so far.

As a devoted Altuzarra lover, I simply cannot express how incredibly eye catching this collection was (shocking). I watched his show on countless Snapchats and Instagram Stories over and over again so I could capture every detail. As you can imagine, my social feeds were blowing up.

Joseph killed it by giving us flirty and fun silhouettes while paying homage to David Lynch’s movie Wild at Heart.

For me, I instantly had flashbacks to Carrie in Sex in the City. She was way before her time when pairing prints with prints and wearing bra tops on the regular. A trend that has really shown up on the runways during New York Fashion Week. Carrie was the true Wild at Heart.

Now, I’m not usually the one that is going ga-ga over embroidered fruit but Altuzarra gave as the most delicious (pun intended) clothes you could ask for. Blueberries on a chiffon evening dress, lemons on denim, and cherry’s on tights. And to go along with the food decor, he added in the most tasteful gingham in a small check. I feel like I’m talking about a picnic at the park as a describe his collection. But just as you would feel during a warm spring day at the park, that is what he wanted you to feel when watching his collection go down the runway.

“Happy, joyous, flirty and fun.”