So, it’s the Monday after my two and a half day weekend and I’m weirdly wanting to do stuff and be busy. This never happens but I think I have a little cabin fever from basically being stuck in the apartment all weekend. The temperature was below freezing and I woke up Saturday morning with huge snowflakes falling from the sky. Pure bliss. Plus, I am so excited because this Thursday is Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to eat amazing food and be with my family all weekend.

Even though the weather is kinda gross and its so cold outside, fashion still rules my life so there’s no slacking going on here. I finally got out all my sweaters and organized my closet this weekend. This morning was a breeze picking out what I wanted to wear. Who knew being so organized saved so much time in the morning ;). Anyways, I grabbed my gray turtleneck (looks exactly like the one in the picture) and my black jeans because honestly all I want is to feel comfy and cozy when the weather is like this.

Yesterday, I was on a hunt for a simple black shopper bag and I think I found the perfect one at Zara. I need something to hold all my essentials that I somehow keep accumulating more and more of. My everyday fashion is more on the simple side. I like patterns but in the winter I go for more solid pieces since I love layering. Black on black is always a go-to. I love this Angelina Jolie look with the hair pulled back into a bun paired with a black long-sleeved shirt and leather maxi skirt.

As the winter season is here, I am coming to the since that color is OK. This red coat is to die for. I was drawn to this picture when I saw it on Pinterest. I’m not sure exactly what color red this is, maybe a watermelon red, but I think its perfect. I would pair this with black, white, camel, gray, navy, I think you know where I am getting with this. Kudos to you Isa Arfen!