(And I’m back!) It is the day before NYFW Spring 2016 and I am sitting on my couch drinking a glass of wine wishing I was on a plane to NY right now. To make up for this depressing situation, I wanted to give you my must have packing list for the NYFW Spring 2016 week.

These next 7 days (or shall I say month if you aren’t jetting to every fashion week) my Instagram is filled with street style shots from the model off duty to some of my favorite bloggers and industry professionals. To me, the looks that I gravitate towards for inspiration are the most simple ensembles. The distressed “mom” jean, the classic black bootie, and the simple blouse you throw on and tuck in the front. My last trip to NY in July I did cave in and bought a pair of Adidas Originals. Best purchase I made that whole week.

If you want to make everything you do so much simpler, I have one very easy solution: The backpack. As you are running around NYC trying to get to appointments and shows on time (you may have a little de ja vu from school), you will be incredibly relieved and your arms will be internally grateful if you sport a backpack instead of a satchel.

I am very, very picky when it comes to me wearing dresses. But, I do like the whole girly dress and sneaker look during those hot summer days in the city. One of my all time favorite bloggers and my inspiration guru, Alexandra Spencer from 4th and Bleeker, started her own clothing line with a few of her equally badass friends called Réalisation. Every piece they’ve created is for that effortless girl who wears little makeup and takes zero time to get ready. Thank you.

As I finish up my glass of wine, I can only sit here and be excited to see what this month brings to the world of fashion. Bring it on. xx