Well, it’s the day after Christmas and I seem to be still in my food coma from yesterday. I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and if you are still on holiday vaca boy am I jealous. As I get older Christmas is not so much about the presents anymore (although I do love presents). But in all serious, the thing I look forward to most about the holidays is being around my family. As we get older my family and I aren’t living under the same roof anymore, let alone in the same state, so when the opportunity is there for everyone to be together its becoming one of the most important things in life.

One of many happy moments yesterday was the wood burning fireplace. During the holidays, when it’s below freezing outside, I’m inside by the fire eating the best food and I get in this mood where it just hits me that life is great. I want to be in snugly over-sized sweaters and simple clothes that make this part of the year so effortless. This has been my mood since I got to my parents house Saturday afternoon. Lazy, cozy, warm and happy. When I was little my mom would always braid my hair. She always got stuck doing 15+ girls french braids during dance recitals and cheer competitions (which I know she secretly loved doing them all). So when I’m home she still to this day asks to braid my hair or do some cool hair style. I do love braids so when I saw this awesome french braid I knew I had to put it in my mood board.

The day after Christmas is a bitter-sweet moment. I hate that the holidays are over and I have to wait a whole 12 months for the most wonderful time of the year. On a happier note,  I do love New Year’s Eve and I love that January brings on so much. I’m really excited and ready for 2014. I’m ready to see where my blog goes and some upcoming opportunity’s that could really kick-start Thirteen Lip Prints in another gear.

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