Happy Halloween witches! For my street style post this week I decided to continue on with the 1920’s, Great Gatsby theme. What better way than the slip dress? Red carpets, strolling around Paris and thanks to Zina Charkoplia combat boots have never looked so feminine and chic. I bought a floral slip dress from Zara this summer for a wedding. Let me just say, it was perfection for that hot long day. And on top of that I was extremely comfortable and felt sexy but still wedding appropriate. I think in the 1920’s when women wore them as undergarments, they knew they had something special.  Mark Badgley, of the design team Badgley Mischka, said “The slip dress is the most basic form of a dress. It’s like a T-shirt. There are a million ways to make it look new and different each season.” And I couldn’t agree more. This look is so simple and versatile. It’s that easy, sexy cool every woman is trying to achieve.