It’s the first day of spring and I am praying that all cold fronts are gone and from this day forward its smooth sailing (fingers crossed). The unfortunate thing is we are probably going to have snow again… bleh. But since today is the first day of spring, I’ve got that spring training feeling, so I wanted to share all things I’m looking forward to when the warm weather does eventually come.

First off lets talk about those spring days when you are actually able to put on your swimsuit and layout. One of my favorite items when wearing a bikini is the cover up. I like that you have the option to wear something that’s barely there or a full on tunic. This black and white picture makes me so antsy for those days.

Bringing it back a little old school with a picture of Adriana Lima in a simple white tank and those blue jeans. Nothing makes me happier than throwing on a pair of jeans with a white tank and heading out the door. Simplicity is key for me so when there’s not much thought in what I’m wearing in the morning life seems better. Now, I do have to put thought into what I’m wearing to work but those weekend mornings are pure bliss when the weather is perfectly warm.

Continuing with the color white… all white is already calling my name. I love this look on Andreea Diaconu for H&M’s spring collection. I’m thinking an all white suit is exactly what my closet needs and what I need for my new job. Bringing detail to the arms gives this blazer the versatility of being work appropriate and weekend ready. On a side note I am really thinking about her hair color and cut? Maybe not as short though.

Last but certainly not least, Proenza Schouler. Ever since I saw this in his spring 2014 RTW collection I was instantly inspired but this look. It was love at first sight with the high-waisted long pleated skirt and the metallic detailing. I absolutely love this crop top but I’m still on the edge about being able to pull it off. I would totally rock this outfit though. Plus you can never go wrong with the nonchalance of that roll out of bed, wind-blown hair during those warm nights. Spring training (in the fashion world) has officially started people.