slip dress takeaway







Ph. Thad Baker; Dress, Zara; Jean Jacket, Forever 21; Black Long Sleeve, Zara; Black Heels, Shoemint; Purse, Nordstrom Rack; Watch, Kate Spade

Living where I live you know that one day it will be 65 and sunny and the next will be -11 outside. I really thought today was going to be a snow day but I did get to come in a few hours late. We took these shots last weekend when I was able to show a little bit of skin. I’ve mentioned before that I am incredibly fond of the slip dress. I bought this dress last summer from Zara for a wedding. I love the slip dress takeaway from summer to winter. Nothing is better than being able to wear some of your favorite pieces year around.

Lets not forget today is the day New York Fashion Weeks starts. I’ve got the live feed on and can’t wait to post some of my favorites.

I’m off to watch the shows! I’ll be posting soon!

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