Ladies (and gentlemen) pink is no longer that girly color! I have steered away from this pale pink since that age of thirteen when pink all of sudden made everything look really girly and that just wasn’t “cool”.  I’m not going to lie, when this color started showing up on runways I was a little thrown off. I don’t gravitate to color so much as I do to black and white. The more and more I’m on Tumblr and Pinterest I keep running across this pink. I’m just going to go ahead and say it, I LOVE PALE PINK. So with that saying, tomorrow’s Thanksgiving attire is inspired but the women above rocking this new it color. I’m hoping I can get a few snapshots of my outfit tomorrow to show you! And I’m sorry for lacking on My Style posts, the weather has been gross.

Happy Thanksgiving! I wish everyone safe travels and happy bellies this holiday break!

xx Jaynie

All pictures found on Tumblr and Pinterest.