While I was born in 1990, I don’t consider myself a “90’s kid”. I was between the ages of 1 – 10 years old so that 90’s grunge fashion was far from my closet. I was more up the lines of matching every outfit with my American Girl doll (don’t kid yourself — you did it too). But with chokers and mom jeans (aka not your mother’s jeans) coming back in style I find it to be completely refreshing and new. So, why wasn’t I wearing this stuff when I was five?

Over the last few years I’ve really found my personal style. I like basic. Not your “Basic Bitch” clothes but your classic, must-have, everyday pieces. And jeans are my weakness. With no fail, I will walk into a store and not even realize I was straight to the jeans. I feel as if I always need another pair. My mom jeans (not your mother’s jeans) are from Zara and they fit me perfectly. And until I can afford the real deal you can bet on everything I’m wearing is from this glorious store.

My real inspiration for this post came from watching Tommy Hilfiger’s Periscope this morning. Caroline Vreeland and Shea Marie, from Peace Love Shea, took it over showing us all the behind the scenes. They were both wearing Tommy Hilfiger 90’s shirts with chokers and mom jeans. Of course they made this look completely effortless so I wanted to give you guys my version on 90’s Tommy Hilfiger fashion.