So it’s Monday and I’ve got some exciting news! I’ve been promoted at work so this week I will be training and learning lots of new material. It’s the start of some new beginnings and hopefully the start of warm weather too. Last week was warm, the weekend was freezing and now this week will be warm again. So confusing and messing up my style post schedules but I will live. With the weather changing and my day job changing I feel like I’m needing a new hair look. I’m not sure exactly what I’m wanting but I have an appointment tomorrow so we will see. Loving this fresh makeup look on Cara Delevingne. I’m never one to wear a lot of makeup but I am looking for new products to try. I get antsy for something new every year after winter. You could say I am more than ready for those days warm summer days. As for Monday inspiration you can never go wrong with Kate Moss. Her earlier pictures from the nineties have a fresh vibe of innocence and simplicity that I really enjoy. Now I realize its about to be spring, which means color, but I’m really obsessing over Saint Laurent’s Fall14 collection. I love the school girl vibe with the long cardigan over a mini dress paired with stockings and knee-high boots. I will definitely be rocking a long cardigan over a mini this spring but I’ll hold off from the stockings and boots till this fall. This is going to be a long but exciting week and I’m fully ready to take on these new beginnings.