It’s the week of Halloween! Ever since one of my best friends told me about her Great Gatsby Halloween party, I have been counting down the days. I was introduced to Great Gatsby in high school when it was mandatory to read this book. Not only did I actually read it, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Plus, when we got to watch the old movie with Robert Redford I knew I was in love. Thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio I got to experience that feeling once again this summer when Great Gatsby was re-done. If you haven’t seen the movie, there is this amazing party scene at Jay Gatsby’s house.. All I wanted to do was dress up, drink champagne and dance the night away. Thankfully my dreams are coming true this Friday night. I can’t decide if I’m going to go for the innocent all white look, or the dark black lace ensemble. I guess you’ll have to wait till I post the ‘Backstage’ pictures on Saturday to find out. Friday can’t come soon enough; I’ll be in that 1920’s mood all week-long.