I posted on Instagram the other day of this neon light that read “Work Hard and be Nice to People”.

Growing up my parents always taught me to follow the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” They were very strong on teaching my brothers and me that when you work hard you get the results you want.

 Now that I’ve had some experiencing’s under my belt I couldn’t be more for the saying “Work hard and be nice to people”. I think with my generation we expect a lot. We expect to get our dream job right out of college. We expect to be treated a certain way. I’ve learned that in the fashion industry it is all about who you know. Whether you have to start out with knowing no body or starting out with knowing the top people, there’s only one way to succeed and to reach your goal, “work hard and be nice to people”.

 Now I’m not trying to preach to anyone, I just thought I would give you an insight on a little life motto of mine. Fashion has always been that thing to me that has kept me motivated and given me inspiration through everything. I started a Tumblr in 2010 with just pictures that really inspired me. It wasn’t till last year that I decided to start a fashion blog. I kick myself in the butt that I didn’t start this sooner but better late than never!

 Anyways, Happy Tuesday and I hope this is a little life motto inspiration for your day!