Monday is that tricky day when you wake up and try to figure out the most comfy work appropriate outfit you can find in your closet. My go to would have to be my drawstring pajama pants, a light loose sweater and booties.

As for my weekend, I’d say I was in that lazy pale mood. You know the one when you wake up and the sun is shining so bright through your windows hitting your pale skin? Yeah that was me Saturday and Sunday morning. Surprisingly I did get a lot done this weekend. Cleaned the apartment, did the laundry, finished my homework for the week and TOOK PICTURES. The weather was too perfect to stay in bed all day but I did grab some indoor inspiration with the pictures above from some old Polaroid shots of fresh skin, no make-up model intakes. I figured since April is a new month and the start of those warm days leading up to summer I would give you some fresh photos. I guess being in that lazy pale mood this weekend wasn’t so bad but it sure isn’t making this Monday morning better.

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