I’m going to go ahead and use the dictionary meaning of the word ‘Laveer’ literal. As I’ve mentioned before, I would sometimes find myself making excuses when the weather would be freezing to go ahead and stay in because wearing a sweater would just not make the cut for warmness. I’ve come to the realization that my now go-to, excuse free, outfit for those chilly nights is a blazer paired with a dressy or casual top, jeans and booties. So with that light bulb of a thought, I’m always on the look out for those perfectly tailored, well made blazers that make people stare as soon as I walk into a room. I know you know what I’m talking about. And the best thing about blazers is the presence they bring when having one on. They give you that classic, modern look whether you pair them with blue jeans, leather pants, trousers, shorts or a dress. A blazer is a staple piece and is one that has been around and will stay around.

LAVEER blazers by former fashion director of Shopbop.com, Kate Ciepluch, set out to create the perfect blazer by starting this line. I’m just going to go ahead and say, you did it! I’ve been a fan of these amazing blazers since I started following their Instagram (@laveerlovesNYC). I chose a few of my favorites above to really give you that moment of “Finally!”. Finally, there’s a line focused on just blazers and some killer bomber jackets here and there. Of course I love the classic, simple blazer, but you can’t go wrong with a little bit of an edge. I love that they have gone above and beyond with clean details.

LAVEER Slash Blazer  – I can’t get over the copper details on the navy blazer. Bringing the simpleness to the front and adding the huge contrast in the back was on point.

LAVEER Leather Sleeve Bomber – The pairing of leather and tweed is always amazing and even better in the form of a bomber jacket.

LAVEER Florence Blazer – Nude is a color I gravitate towards more with shoes and bags but the black detailing on the arms and the cut in the back is pure perfection.

LAVEER Swivel Revelry Blazer – I was immediately drawn to this blazer due to the leather and the color combination of cream and light gray.

LAVEER Field Blazer – A classic black blazer with an Aztec touch, paired with jean cut offs and a white t-shirt on a chilly summer night sounds like my cup of tea.