My number two favorite Parisienne, Laetitia Crahay, is one I look up to in the fashion industry. She’s the brains behind those beautiful lace bunny ears worn by some of the biggest who’s who in fashion. Crahay is pretty much super woman when it comes to her career (or should I say “careers”). Juggling the power house of CHANEL as their Jewelry Director and being the Artistic Director for Maison Michel can be a bit of a handful but Crahay seems to have it in the (Chanel) bag. Oh, and to top it off she is a mother to the cutest little girl, Theodora (I know this thanks to Instagram). As for her style, she’s Parisian, so of course it’s nothing less than incredibly chic, comfy, effortless and sexy all at the same time. She has a sense of humor and irreverence that shows in her Instagram pictures. Laetitia Crahay is most definitely one to look up to when it comes to having it all.