I always find it intriguing when I come across an accent color multiple times within Pinterest and Tumblr. Hunter green has always been a color that has reminded me of Christmas, thanks to the Christmas tree. But in all serious, I find this hunter green to be a very rich color. Its one that is often substituted for the classic black, throwing in a little color can give your all black look that touch it needs. Hunter green can be hard in some ways. You don’t want to pair it with orange because then you look like a pumpkin. You don’t want to pair it with red because then you look like Christmas.With that saying, the picture on the right is an exception. I actually find this orange skirt paired with the hunter green crocodile Hermes to be an amazing look. I’m not sure if its because of the navy top or the white heels but I’ve some how converted into liking an outfit with orange and green. (This is probably 1 in a million) As for the middle look, all I can say is, isn’t gray the most perfect color? I think because hunter green is very rich and dark it pairs absolutely perfectly with this soft gray. I think we’ve come to the conclusion that hunter green is my new accent color.