Dior kicked off the first day of Couture Week in Paris. I think everyone was on edge to see what this collection would bring. With no creative director, the house of Christian Dior didn’t disappoint. Young designers Lucie Meier and Surge Ruffieux continued the modern direction Raf Simons brought to the house. I think many found it very refreshing that they brought a softer, more safe element to Christian Dior Haute Couture.

After scrolling though every look on voguerunway.com, I’d have to say my favorite look from this collection was the burnt orange, deep-v, long sleeved, floral dress. This was a statement piece and I hope to one day get my hands on this must-have item.

 As the girls walked down the runway with pure confidence, I couldn’t help but notice the models ankles. Meier and Ruffieux gave us ribbon tied ankles with beautiful gold chain anklets.

With the choker making a solid comeback, could the anklet be coming back stronger?

Check out the full collection here.