With Paris Fashion Week going on at the moment I wanted to give you guys my Top 4 Parisienne women.

I’m starting this out with the one and only Emmanuelle Alt, Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue. She’s one to watch when it comes to street style. As for Alt she only walks with an entourage of women just as chic as her. When people talk about Parisian style this is who they are talking about. She has this je nais se quoi about her that radiates effortless fashion. She’s not that girly girl. She’s the one in jeans and a blazer sticking to her signature look. With little to no makeup and an awesome shoe collection Alt knows her style and rocks it. Emmanuelle Alt is a style icon with simplicity as her state of mind.

“Emmanuelle’s style is always original, part street, part romantic, very personal—and very French. She has a way of dressing that I love.” – Ralph Lauren