LV Resort 2015 2

I’m already head over heals every year during the Cannes Film Festival, but to go ahead and throw the first Louis Vuitton Resort collection on top of that… Well lets just say my fashion infused heart has been going crazy. With Nicolas Ghesquière giving us his second show for Louis Vuitton I couldn’t be more pleased with the Cruise Collection. His first show was amazing and I honestly thought, “Can he really go up from here?” I’d say my question was answered. Ghesquière played around with prints on prints, embroidery, high-waisted trousers, that race-car red stripe and pops of color throughout. This is the type of show you scroll through every look and get more and more excited and inspired with every click. I realize this is the resort 2015 show but I can’t wait that long. Ghesquière’s Cruise Collection for LV is too “right now”. I’m all ready putting together outfits for Cabo in July and you better believe I’ve got some of these looks coming with me.