Well, its Monday again and all I can say is this week I’m channeling “that cool girl” vibe. Kidding and not kidding at the same time, I have to keep myself motivated somehow right? Although, I am looking forward to the Super Bowl on Sunday! I never watch NFL during their season but when it comes to the day of the Super Bowl you better believe I will be at a party with lots of food. I’ll be on Pinterest everyday this week trying to find the best food recipes for me to bring. Unfortunately for me I’m allergic to gluten so I won’t be eating lots of the yummy stuff like pigs in a blanket or cookies. I do however plan on making something so delicious (and gluten-free) that no one will even realize what they are eating.

What screams “that cool girl” more than when you see a picture of Blondie? I love her bleach blonde hair and those wayfarer sunglasses just alludes self-confidence. A trend that has been floating around are those ever so comfy New Balance shoes paired with just about anything from leather pants to lace slip dresses. That sporty chic vibe comes off as very nonchalant and shows off your athletic side (at least we can think that it does). I’ve got some style post ideas coming up that are going to feature my New Balance sneakers, fingers crossed I can pull it off. 🙂

All pictures found on Pinterest.