At the age of seventeen she was working as a model for Gabrielle Chanel. Betty Catroux is a name instantly recognizable with the fashion industry. If she had one word to describe her it would be: muse. With her lean physique, platinum blonde hair and tomboy style she instantly became Yves Saint Laurent’s inspiration for life. Francois Catroux, Betty’s husband, once said, “She was for Yves, and I am sure of this, like a drawing. She was a pencil stroke that was his pencil stroke. She is what he would have dreamed of being himself, I guess.” Betty and Yves relationship quickly attracted Vogue’s attention and many others. Because Betty “never dressed like a girl”, given her signature look was jeans, a t-shirt, and a man’s jacket, Saint Laurent rebelled against the status quo and put women in trousers. Betty eluded the hippie mentality but in a luxury lifestyle. She was the “IT” girl during this time, the muse. When Tom Ford made his debut at YSL Rive Gauche in 2000, his inspiration was Yves couture collection shown in July 1968 and inspired by the one and only Betty Catroux. To me she is a style icon and a woman who changed fashion. Every picture you find of her is glamorous with that hippie vibe during the 70’s. And this is exactly why she is one of my top four Parisiennes.