Rounding out my top 4 Parisiennes with Alma Jodorowsky, an “icon-in-the-making” said by The Covetuer. With being only 22 years old and one of many muses to Karl Lagerfeld, Jodorowsky seems to have it all. She’s one to throw on pearls with an all leather ensemble or pairing combat boots with one of Chanel’s perfectly tailored tweed jackets. Last year she was selected by Karl Lagerfeld to be featured in Chanel’s exhibition The Little Black Jacket with Karolina Kurkova, Ju Xiao Wen and Soo Joo. It’s safe to say the Parisian way is the only way. With that, one of many things I admire about Parisians is their ability and drive to have multiple career’s and still live a “stress free” (even if that’s not possible) life. Alma Jodorowsky is an actor, model, singer and songwriter. I think with that saying we will be seeing much more of her.

1With the girls in Dubai for Chanel’s The Little Black Jacket.