1. Kate Bosworth in Calvin Klein; 2. Saint Laurent Spring 2013; 3. Caroline Seiber in Valentino jumpsuit; 4. Celine Resort 2013; 5. Wes Gordon Spring 2012; 6. Giambattista Valli Fall 2013; 7. Kate Moss in Kate Moss Topshop; 8. Lauren Santo Domingo in Valentino jumpsuit

Since the holiday season is here, what better color to highlight than red? I was scrolling through some of my Pinterest boards and my eye kept catching all red everything outfits. I’ve always been a huge fan of the color red because of the way it makes me feel. I wear red lipstick sometimes when I go out because it makes me feel, in a way, sexy. I wear red tops because it goes well with my dark hair. I like to have on red nail polish because its classic and makes me feel sophisticated. So anyways, when I came upon all these outfits I knew I had to do a post on them. I realize I posted the Valentino jumpsuit twice but can you really blame me? I mean it is beyond amazing, both Caroline Seiber (3) and Lauren Santo Domingo (8) pull it off perfectly. I do have a bit of an obsession with Wes Gordon (5). I love everything he makes and would die if I owned something from any of his collections. His red jumpsuit would be just perfection for New Years Eve and I am a complete sucker for wide leg pants. The Kate’s (Bosworth in Calvin Klein (1) and Moss in Kate Moss Topshop (7)) look stellar in these all red everything dresses. Next time I need a long ball gown I’m searching for this red. As for Saint Laurent’s (2) all red everything collection piece, it just screams that nonchalant, beach, bohemian vibe where all you want to do is through it on and have mojitos with your girlfriends. (And now you know whats on my mind this morning 🙂 ) Now for the Celine (4) Resort 2013 bell bottoms and draped long-sleeve top… All I can say is, you may be seeing a future Style Post with this Celine all red everything in mind for my inspiration. I love all white and I love all black, why not all red? Why have I not thought of this before? In the end all I can say is kudos to you all for making inspiration flow through me like wild-fire.